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Wedding Guest Satisfaction

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Our goal is to incorporate bits about you and your fiancé into the details of your event, creating a wedding that is uniquely yours! ~Blush by Brandee Gaar

Psst! Want us to let you in on a little secret? Wedding guests care more about certain wedding details over others. This is YOUR day, although you do want to keep your guests in mind when planning some details. Not only can you WOW your guests but you can make them comfortable, satisfied, and create an unforgettable day for them as well! Some of your guests may have been planning their trip to your wedding as long as you have been planning it. Guests travel by plane, drive long distances, and dress for the occasion to celebrate with you and your fiancé on your special day! Here are some helpful tips to help maximize their comfort and exceed their expectations on your BIG day.


If you are planning an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, your Blush planner always checks the weather ahead of time. Depending on the weather day-of, you can plan for some extra details to help your guests be extra comfortable. If it’s chilly, you can purchase some pashminas for the ladies in attendance, have blankets available to create a home-y feel, and have your venue either provide or rent heaters to place along at the ceremony/reception space.

Heel Savers

Another tricky thing with outdoor venues is the fact that those pesky heels like to get stuck in the grass! Having some heel protectors on hand for guests to grab on their way to the ceremony, this is a great way to show your guests that you truly have their comfort in mind!


Having a water station for guests to enjoy while they are waiting for your ceremony to begin is a fantastic way to help them keep cool and comfortable, especially if it is an outdoor ceremony on a warm day. Infuse the water stations with a mixture of fruit, veggies, or herb combinations (cucumber-lemon, watermelon-mint, strawberry-basil, etc.) you can select a combination that plays off your color scheme to keep all details cohesive!

Get creative with specialty drinks that are popular! Guests love Margaritas, Mojitos and Moscow Mules.

Guests also tend to care more about the bar over wedding favors (it's a sad truth, but many favors are left behind!). If your guests enjoy crafty cocktails, upgrade the bar package over-investing in fancy favors.

Dancing Shoes!

Let's face it, heels are fabulous! They are great for the ceremony, cocktail hour and sitting down at dinner. But once the dance floor opens, heels are no longer any girl's best friend. Consider providing flip flops if you are having a garden wedding or flats offered for a more formal ballroom soiree. Let’s be real, high heels fashionable but aren't the easiest to cupid-shuffle in, so offering a comfortable and fashionable alternative will "WOW" your guests and their feet will thank you the next day! Check out rescue flats, they have many color options to tie in with your wedding.


After all the dances have been danced, the sparkler send-off is complete and bride and groom have made their way off into their getaway car, your guests are left to figure out a way home, to the host hotel (or maybe to the after-party?). A great option for your guests is to offer a discount code for a popular ride-share that services your area! (Uber or Lyft are the most commonly used). We want everyone to get back home safely so offering this could help ensure that happens. You can also offer a transportation service to your guests, maybe its a motorcoach, mini-bus or limo. Your Blush planner can assist in your transportation management, this is a stress-free option for your guests and it is always an appreciated accommodation service. Your planner will assist with providing the best vehicle options based on your guest count, and assign the pickup/drop off times from the host hotel and your wedding venue!


"Our goal is to ensure you are stress-free during the planning of your big day so that you can enjoy the most exciting time of your life!"

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