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The Perfect Wedding Shoes

Updated: Mar 3

You found your dream wedding dress, and now it’s time to find that perfect pair of shoes to complete the look! We know that one of the most important aspects of the wedding day is comfort. Some things to decide before you can begin your search: heels or flats, low or high heels, dramatic or subtle, pop of color or keep it neutral.

White or Neutral Wedding Shoes

If you’re searching for something that says BRIDE, then these picks will match beautifully. When selecting wedding shoes, you may want to hold off until you have your wedding dress so you can compare colors and design. The last thing you want is an off-white gown with bold white shoes!

Bella Belle is an online luxury evening and wedding shoe store. They are known for "The Prettiest 12-hour Shoes." From bold to something blue, they have a large variety of bridal shoes and evening wear to choose from.

"We believe in the virtues of quality, comfort, and craftsmanship. Each detail of our shoe is hand-cut, sewn, and lasted for that unsurpassed durability. We use only the finest and most luxurious materials to construct our shoes. Engineered for comfort, each shoe is cushioned with thick padding for all-day wear." ~ Bella Bella

Kristen Weaver Photography

It’s not just about the ceremony through reception time, think about pre-ceremony pictures. You will be in these shoes for hours. While most brides have a backup pair for the reception that are more comfortable and danceable, you will still be in your main wedding shoes for at least 3 to 5 hours.

Flats All Day!

Say "I do" to the perfect pair of wedding sneakers, Kate Spade Keds! With a wide range of sparkly designs, you can choose between canvas, glitter, and leather sneakers for a little extra shine on your special day. Walk down the aisle and dance the night away in these comfortable, fashionable wedding day shoes!

Dani Nichol Photography

Now let’s look at the style and cut of your dress, will everyone see your shoes? This alone could dictate heels over flats and beauty over comfort, leaving you only to decide showstopper or let the dress play that role on its own.

Colored Wedding Shoes

Maybe you want to add a pop of color or tie in your color palette with your shoes. From blues to pinks, you can find low and high heels in every color. The groom can get a pair too!!

Nate Puhr Photography

Embellished Wedding Shoes

Last, but not least, the Glitz and the Glam! Your wedding ring isn't the only accessory that needs to shine, your big day is the perfect excuse to wear all things sparkly, and this goes for your shoes too! Whether you’re looking for bold jewels, rockstar boots, or understated sequins, you can go as extravagant as you want!

Michelle Gonzalez Photography Designer Betsy Johnston, SB-CADY

While beautiful shoes can be comfortable, it is rare, so we recommend taking some time to pick out that perfect pair. Try walking around in them at home for a few hours for at least a week. If they don’t pass the comfort test and possibly leave you with blisters, send them back and continue shopping for “the one”.

Love and Covenant

If you make the decision for heels and beauty over comfort, make sure to bring a cute, comfortable backup pair for your reception. Your feet will be so happy you did!

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