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Take Your Wedding Look From Ceremony to Reception

Are you looking for little ways to change your wedding look from the wedding ceremony to the reception WITHOUT going out to buy a second dress? Check out some ways our brides have gone from ceremony chic to reception ready.

Let Your Hair Down

Many brides wear their hair in a classy and chic updo during the ceremony, so an easy way to change up your look is to let your hair down a little...literally!

Ask your wedding-day hairdresser for ideas of beautiful updos that can easily be let down for the reception fun. Accessorize with a beautiful hair clip or some strategically placed flowers and you’re good to go!

Swap Your Shoes

Take off the heels that you had on at the wedding ceremony and replace them with a more casual pair. Perhaps you choose a pair of gorgeous lace flats or fun white sneakers.

Hold Up Your Train

If your wedding dress has a long train (which will look beautiful as you walk down the aisle!), ask your tailor to add small, discreet buttons on the back of the dress to hold up the train during the reception.

Not only will that protect your train from getting stepped on, but it’ll make dancing the night away that much easier.

Swap Your Jewelry

Sweet and simple, just change up your jewelry to something a little more fun for the reception! If you wore a dainty pair of earrings for the ceremony, then select a dazzling set for the reception!

Photography by Nate Puhr

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