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Lets Talk Guest Book Options..

When planning your wedding, think of unique and fun ideas for your guest book. Guest books are an old tradition, and they have become just that…OLD… and boring! Rather than having a list of names in a book you will never go back to read, do something you and your soon to be hubby will want to go back and look at. Here are a few ideas of some fun and creative guest books that you and your guests will love!

Find something that represents your relationship. Think about you and your fiancé, do you have something that represents your lives or something that you both enjoy? Baseball? Music? Traveling? Why not incorporate these interests into your wedding? Be creative and use this as an opportunity to have a fun and memorable guest book. Maybe you want to have your guests sign a home plate, or a record, or a globe that you can later display in your home.

In January of 2020 we had a stunning wedding at the Dr. Philips Performing Arts Center. The bride and groom, Melissa and Henry both work for a construction company that helped build phase one of the Dr. Philips Center.

Photocredit: Nate Puhr Photo + Cinema

The couple used a beam that represented a piece of the building as their guest book. This was such a creative and personalized idea! Here they are on their wedding day, standing in the building they helped building together, and now they will get to take a piece of the building home to display and remind them of this special memory.

Photo Credit: Heather Rice Photography

Heart Drop Frame "Guestbook"

This unique and crafty frame is a thoughtful guest book alternative. Everyone at Nikki and Matt's wedding was encouraged to "log in" when arriving by signing wooden hearts and placing them in a frame customized with the couple's initials. This unique guest book idea tied in with the couples rustic decor on their wedding day in Monteverde, Florida.

Photo Strip Book "Guestbook"

Are you having a Photo Booth to entertain your guests during your reception? If so, talk to your vendor and see if they can have the Photo Booth print two photo strips, one for the guest to keep and then the other to go into a book where your guests can write a personal message next to it. Every year on your anniversary you can pull this book out and be reminded of all the fun your guests had and read their well wishes they wrote to the two of you.

Video Messages

Instead of writing a sweet message on a card or in a book, talk to your videographer and see if they will film some of your guests giving well wishes to the new married couple. This is a great gift that you will always have and you can go back and remember those friends and family members for years to come.

Guest Book Globe

If you and your fiancé love to travel, this globe is a great option to entice adventure. This option is also a great home decor piece to have placed in a special spot in your home with your significant other.

Find this item on Etsy Selah Grace Designs with the option of custom wording / globe finish in White and Gold

Written by: RACHEL BAXTER Coordinator at Blush by Brandee Gaar, LLC

"As you begin the journey of stepping into your future together, I am looking forward to providing you with an experience of bringing YOUR dreams to life!"-Rachel

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