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How to Keep Children Entertained at Your Wedding

It’s not an easy decision to make, whether or not to invite children to your wedding. Not only do you have family members to consider, but you also have to keep in mind those that are traveling from out-of-town and that they may not have easy access to trustworthy sitters. If you do decide to have children attend your wedding, here are some fun ideas on how to keep them entertained throughout the event!

Our favorite option would be to hire a babysitter or event childcare service to keep the little ones occupied for the duration of the wedding. While this may add a bit to your budget, it does guarantees the kiddos will have supervised fun which will definitely be a weight off not only your shoulders but the parents’ shoulders as well! Check out our go-to partner for childcare services, Tootles Event Sitters!

Another option would be to provide customized wedding coloring books and/or activities for the children while they are seated at their tables during the reception. Some individually wrapped snacks (crackers, candies, cookies, etc.) for them to much on while waiting for dinner could help ease the stress of waiting for dinner service to begin.

Setting up a game/play room away from the wedding festivities is a great way to keep kids of all ages occupied. Depending on your budget, you could rent larger items like pink pong tables or air hockey tables or just ask some family and friends to supply some of their own board games and activities like jump ropes, hula hoops, twister, etc. If you are planning more of an outdoor event, cornhole, beanbag tic-tac-toe, or jenga would work as well!




Tootles Event Sitters

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