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3 Simple Tips for Timeless Getting Ready Photos

Updated: May 29

A lot of brides say that getting ready with their bridesmaids is one of the most fun parts of their wedding days. Not only are they surrounded by some of their favorite people who are there to celebrate them and their soulmate, but there is also cocktails, music, getting ready, and quality time together.

Since your photographer will most likely be documenting this part of the wedding day, here are some of our top tips to making sure you capture timeless and iconic photos of you and your girls.


Choose to get ready in a well lit, aesthetically pleasing place. Try to keep the wedding day clutter to a minimum (or at least confined to one room/area) so that the background of the photos come out clean.


Your photographer might tell you this, but be sure to bring details to be photographed. Not only will you want to capture your dress, shoes, and jewelry, but you might also want to bring your partner’s ring, a copy of the wedding invitation, perfume, and your garter.


Make sure that anyone that you want to help you get ready is ready before you are - this means hair, makeup, and dress.

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