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Creating Your Wedding Hashtag

Social media has changed the way we all approach sharing the photos we take on someone’s big day. Gone are the days of using disposable cameras to get guest photos to the newlyweds - it’s all about the hashtags, now!

Not sure where to start coming up with a hashtag for your wedding? Keep reading

Do some preliminary research

Hop on Instagram and do a basic search to see what hashtags have been taken. Because this has become a pretty popular practice, the hashtag you might have your heart set on might have already been used...several times.

If that’s the case, try searching for the hashtag again and just add on your wedding date or year at the end. Instead of #ToGalvinToHold try #ToGalvinToHold2023 or #ToGalvinToHold1223

Test It Out

Once you find a hashtag that fits, be sure to test it out because sometimes it might be difficult to read or might end up looking inappropriate. Be sure to style your hashtag.

Ex. #alassmith might look a little odd, so style it #AlasSmith or try #AlasASmith

Get Punny With It

Wedding hashtags are a great opportunity to be funny and corny. Don’t be afraid to use some clever wordsmithing for your hashtag. Ex. #AliceFoundTheJuan #ItWasKentToBe

Check out this cute hashtag our couple Elizabeth and Carlos Chavez came up with to fit the theme of their Colombian wedding! #LivingLaVidaChaves

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