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Bride's Wedding Attire Guide

Vendor Spotlight Blog from The Bridal Finery

The Bridal Finery owners are Roberta & Tali spent years in bridal fashion working with the most prestigious designers. They joined together and opened The Bridal Finery in 2017. Personalization is what they know best! Whether you want to add some lace or part of your dress you want to replace, The Bridal Finery helps you find and create your dream dress.

“From finding my wedding gown up until my wedding day, the team at the bridal finery have been nothing but supportive, attentive, and loving!” — Nicole M.

Buying a wedding dress is hard to forget, but what about fashion tape and other wedding day necessities. I love making lists and enjoyed making this one just for Blush brides. Here is my go-to wedding attire checklist. I’ve organized it from first priority to last. I hope you find it helpful as you plan your beautiful wedding!

  1. Your Wedding Dress. Of course, this comes first! Finding your wedding dress will give you great peace of mind and help you with the rest of the list. It’s never too early to start finding your dream dress. 

  2. Undergarments. Spanx, bras, cups. Options are key here. It may seem silly to find your undergarments early on; however, before you know it your alterations fitting will here. 

  3. Bridal Headpiece. You have to try on headpieces to really understand how amazing they are. Try them on and place your order. They take time to be made and you need them for your hair trials. 

  4. Bridal Veil. Just like the headpiece, it’s important to have your veil in store for your hair trial. It helps you decide exactly how you want your hair and makeup. It’s always reassuring to see the whole look come together. 

  5. Bridal Jewelry. Just like the headpiece, it can take time to be special ordered and find the perfect pieces to complete your look. Try these on when you are shopping for your wedding dress so hopefully you can cross this off your wedding attire checklist as well. 

  6. Wedding Day Shoes. Approximately two months before your wedding, you will need to start alterations.  Plus, breaking in the shoes is key to comfort on your wedding day. 

  7. Bridal & Bridesmaid Robes. You’ll need a robe for your wedding day. This makes it easier for you to change into your wedding dress without messing up your hair and makeup. The same goes for your bridal party. 

  8. Lingerie. This is one of the oldest traditions of wedding day attire. Enjoy a little treat yourself a moment and find those special pieces for a wedding night or honeymoon. 

  9. Register Your Dress For Cleaning and Preservation. Sign up for cleaning and preserving your dress.  After the wedding, you won’t have to worry about the service or the cost. 

  10. Emergency Kit. A trusted planner always has one ready to go. It doesn’t hurt to have extra supplies though. I recommend safety pins, thread and needle, extra bridal buttons, and fashion tape. 

Photo Credit: Kristen Weaver Photography

Written by: TALI GALLO

Owner & Stylist at The Bridal Finery

"Her love of all designer gowns, attracted her to create a new concept bridal boutique; where gowns are sourced from couture designers, as well as other boutiques."

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