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Ali’s Honeycomb Display

Okay so we are super excited to share some news!!! Ali now has a rental item named after her! We talk about this in the Blush office as Brandee and Ira Gaar each have rental items named after them. Check out the Brandee Champagne Bar & the Ira Yellow Velvet Chair and finally, Ali's time has come!!! 😂 I mean after all it is a wedding planner's dream to have decor named after them, right?

One of Ali's awesome brides came to her with a vision for her donut wall at her wedding. It wasn’t the standard designs we often see and Ali knew no one in town had anything like this. We have worked with Ocean Hawks Rentals for years and know that they often build their own rental items which are truly unique pieces. If anyone was up for this challenge it was them! Ali reached out with the brides vision and Ocean Hawks told her they would love to but that they would be out of the country during the brides wedding date. This is not the response we was hoping for. After chatting with Stephanie from Ocean Hawks further, Ali asked if it could be built to the specs of her car so she could transport and build it at her brides wedding. Crazy, right?!?! What’s crazier is that they agreed!!!

Fast forward to a few weeks before the wedding, Aaron, owner from the Ocean Hawks team delivered the display to Ali's home and showed her how to set it up the display. It fit perfectly into her Subaru Forester! Robby from Ocean Hawks not only designed this honeycomb display but also looked up all the measurements to her vehicle so it would fit perfectly! How great is that??

The bride was so excited at how beautiful her donut wall display turned out at her wedding and we could not be more grateful to Ocean Hawks for making it happen! This is why we refer the vendors we do. They always go above and beyond for our couples!

Check out Ali’s Honeycomb Display and rent it for your next event!

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